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The Clarity She Prayed For . . .

mindable coaching Sep 14, 2023
challenges, doubts, and fears that many women face as they navigate the responsibilities of midlife, including caregiving, parenting, and work-related stress. It highlights the importance of self-discovery and finding clarity in one's life. The post encourages readers to reassess their expectations, prioritize their well-being, and make changes that align with their current life stage and purpose. It aims to provide support and inspiration to those who may be feeling overwhelmed and in need of a new direction in their lives. The post is relatable and empathetic, targeting women who resonate with these common midlife experiences.
"I’m done, completely done", she thought as she washed her face in the quiet wee hours of the morning.  Immediately - she felt at peace. And just like that, her confidence grew with her mental shift.  Doubt and fear escaped her heart, no longer claiming a seat in her mind. She had been praying hard for clarity. However, her kids weren't awake yet so her brain hadn’t been distracted 1,537,284 times by the ongoing shout of "MOM!!" echoing through every inch of her house. And in this exact moment, she realized her next chapter.  She looked ahead with faith and an undeterred mindset, she KNEW one day it would come. She stood right there at that moment and sighed with relief.
Then came the morning she woke up and there it was - staring her in the face. She just knew the daily never-ending list of stress-inducing busy work, the monotonous commute she could navigate with her eyes closed, the unexpected weeks of travel, and endless days of feeling spread thinner than a dry peanut butter sandwich were OVER! Wow!  What. A. Great. Feeling. She felt as though she had been waiting all her life for this moment.   Few other moments in her life compared -  her wedding day and each of the days her sweet children joined the family, of course, topped that list but this moment certainly had made the cut.  
This was the next chapter of her book! NO, I mean this is the next book in the story of life.  HER LIFE.
This time SHE is the author.
SHE dictates the story.
SHE chooses the path - the where and when she places her next footfall.  Sure in the knowledge that she can change direction at any point.
Though she doesn’t know all the details, this is going to be life-changing. She will rededicate herself to this next journey. But this time the pages will read slower, give pause for thought and, yes, some will be blank for reflection and intent. A new creative opportunity to reassess and ensure that her days are spent on the things that serve her purpose, her interests, and her heart. No more meeting the demands of a boss who doesn’t get it.  No more washing your face each morning prepping your ego to endure another day. No more mindless activities that make you second guess your capabilities and intelligence. This is the clarity she prayed for.
As you read the story above, do you personally know or have a loved one who understands this need? It’s a universally human, emotional state that most women feel as the responsibilities of life increase as we age. We grew up in an era where driven women "sucked it up" to get things done. Yet, we now live in a time where we care and stress over the coordination of our aging parents and growing families.  We go to jobs that pay the bills but no matter how much we give it's never enough. We live in a time when technology is the easiest way to socialize so we lose ourselves in our phones every waking second chasing a flood of endorphins and dopamine rushes to make it through the day. Then there are our other generational challenges like a spouse who travels, an emotionally unavailable loved one, toxic relationships, and no life support to help when you flatline.
Y’all let me tell you something that people need to say more often.
But don't give up.  Let me share some insights I've had along the way. It’s ok. You’ll be ok. You will be at peace again. (No this isn’t where I start talking about a heavenly being.) This is where I start talking about your expectations and how I am giving you permission to change them. In your mind, you might be thinking, "Jess I can’t LOWER my expectations. I’ll feel like a failure." I'm here to remind you that the train you are riding will NEVER stop and if you keep going your mental, emotional, and physical health will suffer. And not just you - sadly relationships, the ones that mean the most to you, could suffer as well and you’ll be left with a ticket to NOWHERE on a speeding train. How lonely is that?
Let's get back to expectations. Reassess where you want your train stops to be and where each chapter ends. Change them accordingly, maybe step by step, maybe all at once, or maybe as you go along.  The decision is YOURS.   However you do it,  DON’T BE AFRAID TO CHANGE YOUR COURSE. You have permission to sit, drink your coffee, and pursue a daily routine that fits your NOW. Everything else in life changes around us. So WHY is it that we feel societal forces and events are the main drivers of change? They shouldn’t be. CHANGE your life as you see fit to meet your purpose, family, and soul.
What does your next novel look like?
Don’t be afraid!
Start with recognizing your truth.

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